Polypharmacy, Adverse Drug Reactions and Drug-Drug Interactions in COVID-19-Aging Patients

Considerations on the Clinical Picture


  • Marileia Andrade Unimontes
  • José Henrique Pereira Pinto Faculdade de Medicina de Itajubá




COVID-19;, Elderly;, Polypharmacy;, Adverse Drug Reactions;, Drug Interactions


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the most severe symptoms have occurred in elderly patients with comorbidities, with a higher risk of complications. Prescribed drugs, which are already part of geriatric care, associated with the experimental therapeutic drugs of COVID-19, may increase the risk of undesirable occurrences, due to the practice of polypharmacy, with the possibility of emergence of inappropriate adverse events and drug interactions. This can increase the risk of worsening the clinical picture, impairment of the general condition, intensification of inflammation and associated unfavorable conditions, incurring the highest probability of mortality.


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